martes, 19 de febrero de 2013


In general, there are many things that I want to learn. For example, I would like to learn Italian to spend my holiday away from my house and I would like to ride a horse if it was possible, too. However, there is a thing that I've always wanted to learn but my mum doesn't like it: fly a plane. 

When I was young my father worked as a pilot in his own airline. He talked to me about planes everyday and I wanted to be an adult to fly a plane. We went every Sunday to fly in the sky. When the plane took off I felt well because I was safe and happy with him at the same time. 

My father's job was incredible. We always did special things together. We are like to drops of water. I think we have a special love for this reason. In addiction, I'm an only child and I'm his "favourite" daughter.

Unfortunately, when I was twelve my father had a traffic accident. After that, he could never fly a plane again. Now, he's a teacher and he's very happy, however I know he would be proud of me if I were pilot, as him. 

To finish, I would like to say the last thing: my father is a different person, he's special. 

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